Some tickets reopening themselves


We’re using RT 3.8.5 and RTFM 2.4.2 (although this doesn’t seem to be an RTFM issue).

We recently noticed the following behavior:

  1.  Person sends a ticket (e.g. request for a license key for software)
  2.  We respond via our email client (outlook) and attach a file for the requestor
  3.  They say "thanks!"
  4.  We close the ticket

At this point, after 10 minutes or so, the same ticket will be resent (we get it in our email). There are no updates to the ticket, but it is now reopened. Nobody (the requestor or us) did anything to instigate this!

If we close the ticket again, it will be resent 10 minutes later.

Finally, we just let the ticket alone overnight, and then closed it the next day, which seemed to stop the rebroadcasting.

As best we can tell, it has to do with using an attachment. In this case it was just a text file.

Has anyone else experienced this?