Some aspects of RTx-Statistics not functioning correctly

Hi RT-ers,

RT v3.6.2 (very recently upgraded from 3.4.2)
RTx-Statistics v0.1.8
OS = FC 5
Database = Postgres v8.1

We have migrated to the above server set, which included an RT upgrade
to 3.6.2 from 3.4.2.
Everything is running as it should apart from RTx-Statistics… some of
the data/charts are recovered/displayed correctly, but others either
show nothing (no table of data & graph line of zero) or break (no table
of data, hollow box & the IE red cross where the chart should be). It
appears that certain data just isn’t being recovered from the
database… where it does exist.

These work:
Tickets by status
Ticket trends by day
Resolve Time Graph

These don’t work:
Tickets per day
Multiple Queues
Time to Resolve

I’ve played around with the regular callbacks of RT to change the look
of some of the main pages, but I can’t seem to see what I need to

Any suggestions?



Steve Platt
Bioinformatics Unit: Statistics, Modelling & Bioinformatics Department
Center for Infections
Health Protection Agency