SOLUTION FOUND: For the truncation of RTFM article contents

Hi all,

After reading through the mailing list archives about a problem some
people were having with their RTFM Article contents, and a potential
solution, I’m detailed the steps I used in fixing it.


Using Red Hat 9 (kept up to date) and it’s built in Apache 2.0.40 (RH 9
version) and mod_perl 1.99_07-5.

When inserting large amounts of text into a TextSingle type, it gets
truncated. (Not a database problem, it turns out to be a mod_perl problem).


Upgrade mod_perl

Now, if you’re wanting to do it without having to recompile heaps of
things, then it looks like it might not be easy.

I cheated, and this worked for me:

a) Downloaded the latest Red Hat SRPMS from Red Hat Rawhide of:


b) Downloaded and installed the latest up-to-date version of httpd-devel
to match the version of httpd installed on my system:


c) Compiled the source RPM’s of apr and apr-util, then installed the
packages it created:

rpm -i apr-0.9.4-2.src.rpm apr-util-0.9.4-2.src.rpm

cd /usr/src/redhat/SPECS

rpmbuild -bb apr.spec

rpm -Uvh …/RPMS/i386/apr*rpm

rpmbuild -bb apr-util.spec

rpm -Uvh …/RPMS/i386/apr-util*

d) Adjusted the mod_perl source SPEC file to let it compile on my system:

rpm -i mod_perl-1.99_09-10.src.rpm

vi mod_perl.spec

Look for a line called: “BuildPrereq:” that has an entry for “httpd-devel”.

It will look something like:

BuildPrereq: httpd-devel >= 2.0.xx-xx, httpd, perl, gdbm-devel

For this example I’ve commented out the exact versions of Apache 2
(httpd) it’ll have. You need to adjust the version numbers there so
they match the version of httpd that’s installed on your system.

Once that’s done, compile the new version of mod_perl:

rpmbuild -bb mod_perl.spec

Then (as long as no errors have occurred) upgrade your version of
mod_perl by:

rpm -Fvh …/RPMS/i386/mod_perl*

e) Restart your Apache server. All new article contents added should no
longer be truncated.

That was mostly from memory and recent command line history. Don’t
think I’ve missed anything, but if so, please feel free to point it out.
There may be easier ways, but this is what I did and it’s working here.


Usual disclaimers apply (i.e. if it don’t work for you, then I’m not
responsible for it).

Hope this all helps.

Makes me think also… where’s the “user contributed notes” section of
the RT and RTFM website?


Regards and best wishes,

Justin Clift