Software ERD/diagrams for RT2

Hi, my name is Pranesh Ramjith

I work for an organisation called “Uniforum S.A”…As you might have
guessed we are based in S.A.

We are looking to extend/or use RT as a fax messaging system that will
be able to report on

  1. new faxes
  2. keep track of the status of a fax.
  3. it should be possible to view the history of a fax at any particular
    moment in time.
  4. who the fax is assigned to
  5. what actions were taken by the user at any particular time.

Would you be so kind as to please forward us any documentation
concerning RT that will enable us to understand the software and the
components that make up RT. Particularly ERD’s ,class diagrams etc.

Also some documentation concerning interfaces that might be helpful to
us in extending rt’s behaviour.

I have already written what I call a “faxserver engine” …whose job it
is to get an incoming fax with the help of mgetty an dump it into a
postgresql DB.

Once the fax is in the DB. I need to use much of the functionality
captured in RT to track the status of the fax …

Pranesh Ramjith