SMIME: Not show name and email in incoming signed email


Hello, I 've set up the RT sign, but the name and email are not shown in the SMIME entry in the RT signed email. ( SMIME: The signature is good, signed by , trust is full) I looked at the code in and I finded it, this entry requires name and email and this information gets from certificate from “subject”. But I have a personal certificate, where email is in “subjectAltName” and not in subject. According to RFC5280 is electronic mail address in “subject” or “subjectAltName” and therefore this is not bug but is suggestion for improvement. I added my own code to line 924 in but I am not programmer.

This code:
if ( !defined $data{EmailAddress} ){
my @pom = @{$cert->SubjectAltName};
my $email = $pom[0];
if ( defined $email ){
$email =~ s/^rfc822Name=//;
$data{‘EmailAddress’} = $email;
} else {
$RT::Logger->debug( “Warning: email address is not found in certificate!” );