SLA: How to tell what response is required?

Hi all

If using the RT::Extension::SLA module with Response, KeepInLoop and
Resolve in a single SLA definition, is there any way for privileged
users to see what action is required to satisfy the SLA?

In particular, can they tell if they just need to reply to a ticket, or
if the ticket must be resolved/stalled (or the SLA changed)? For
usability reasons I’m looking for a non-intrusive way to show staff what
the Due deadline means, whether it’s “Must resolve/escalate/de
prioritise by this time” or “Must reply to customer by this time”.

Currently I don’t see any way to do it without patching the SLA module
to add private explanatory comments when it changes the due date, which
would be a very spammy solution.

Craig Ringer
PostgreSQL Development, 24x7 Support, Training & Services