Single URL to access result from query "MyTickets"possibility


Have you considered using the Self Service features?

TO ALL: is this available on 3.2.2…? I’m not familiar with all
releases, but I think this is what Peter is looking for.


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Subject: [rt-users] Single URL to access result from query

Dear fellow RT users,

I have got RT 3.2.2 running on FreeBSD.
I have a question: All my users are internal and have access to RT
through the Web interface.
I would like to be able to create an easy way for everyone to view their

submitted tickets.
The shortest I have been able to come up with is:

  • Click Tickets
  • select a query (‘My Tickets’)
  • click load
  • click search

Is there any way to realize this any easier (preferably a single URL)

I highly appreciate your input


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