Shredder User plugin not working

I am running RT 4.4 and it seems that the User plugin for the shredder
isn’t working quit right. That, or I just don’t know how to use it.

I’m trying to get rid of Users for which there are no tickets. I’ve
tried to set both the “no_tickets” argument and the
"no_ticket_transactions" argument to true and in either case it returns
no results at all.

To sort of prove that that there should be results, I found a spam
ticket that was created just the other day by a new user that was
created at the same time the ticket was created. The ticket was
"deleted" and I shredded said ticket. Yet I still can’t get the User
plugin of the shredder to find that user. Even if I search by the name
or email address.

I note that the “no_ticket_transactions” argument is new with version
4.4. Are there some known bugs associated with it?


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