Shredded the wrong user

I have a script that is supposed to skip privileged users when gathering all
the users that need to be shredded. Unfortunately, it didn’t skip one
particular user. I no longer have the .sql file to reinstate the user so had to
create the user again. Is there an easy way to find all the tickets this user
has transactions in reassign them to the “new” user?


This is a bit of a side question, but why such concern for deleting
users? I see the same couple of people asking questions about this and
spending a lot of time dealing with it.

Extra users don’t really take up very much space and with good spam
control the majority of the users created actually have tickets
associated with them.

Everyone has their reasons for doing things, so I don’t want this to be
viewed as a critical question. I am just curious about what the reasons
are. In my case I just leave the users alone.

Mathew Snyder wrote:

Well, for the most part they don’t interfere with much. As long as the spam
tickets are removed it isn’t a problem.

For me and the company I work for, it stems more from the last version of RT we
were using. I don’t recall if it was 3.0 or 3.2. It has an issue that caused
the query builder page to take forever to load because it was actually
populating the user list with ever single user in the database. Even the
unprivileged ones. When there’s 15,000 users only 1000 of which are legitimate,
that gets to be quite tedious.

So, in order to never deal with that ever again (should the problem pop up in a
later release) we keep our database cleaned up and free of such muck.


John Arends wrote: