Showing wrong version

I installed 3.2.3 for a trial on Solaris 10, perl 5.8.7 and Apache
1.3.33. It seemed to work ok, so I thought that I would try 3.4.2. I
had installed under a rt3 directory, so I removed all files except Using mysql4, so I dropped the database.

After updating and/or installing some perl modules to satisfy the
dependencies, I installed 3.4.2 and initialized a new database.

grep VERSION .lib// shows ‘3.4.2’. But the login screen shows
3.2.3. Under Tools-Configuration, RT_VERSION is still 3.2.3. It did
not matter, but I also removed all cookies in my browser and hit
refresh on the login screen.

How do I get rid of 3.2.3 and get the version that I want?

Thanks, Alex

Stupid question, but did you restart Apache to get all of the modperl
cache to reset?

Sorry, I did not intend to reply directly.
Not stupid! Actually, I had restarted Apache for something else that I
was working on. And yes, when I tried RT again, it shows the correct
version. Sorry for the noise.