"Show Results" after a queue view results in empty page?

I’m using RT 3.2.2 on OS X 10.2 with PG 7.4.3 (soon to be 7.4.6).

If a user clicks on a queue quick-search link on the main page, then,
say, resolves a ticket, I would naively expect that clicking on “Show
Results” would show the queue quick-search results again.

Instead, what is happening is that the correct number of tickets in the
search results is announced at the top of the page, but the ticket
summary list is empty; i.e., no tickets are displayed. Important
prerequisite to seeing this behavior: no Query Builder query was done
beforehand in this session.

I could swear that in earlier versions of RT 3.X, the equivalent action
worked as I expected.

Another related aspect of the “Show Results” functionality: if I do a
Query Builder query, then a queue quick-search, then look at a ticket in
the quick-search results, then click “Show Results”, the previous Query
Builder query results are shown, when I think it would be more natural
to show the queue quick-search results.

Kevin Murphy

P.S. A possibly nice feature would be to expand upon “Show Results” and
have a list of links to recent queries. Quick-search queries would be
named automatically by queue. Query Builder queries would have some
default name (ordinal, or truncated sql) which could be overridden by
the user on the Query Builder page when creating the query. I also
think two additional quick-search links should be put on the front page:
“All tickets I own” beneath and on the right side of the “10 highest
priority tickets I own”, and a similar “All unowned tickets” below the
unowned tickets section.