Sharing rt3 code: Fork 1.0b1 (creating clones, pre and posttasks)


–Am Montag, 19. Januar 2004 17:56 Uhr +0100 schrieb Senoner Samuel

I reply directly to you and not on the list to ask something, perhaps I
have missed it. I saw some cool things on some snapshots of your RT,
about pre and posttickets, did you sent some patches and diffs? Or can
you send me something?

you did not miss something. I had just added a download link to my page and forgot to send the
information to the list. I attach the patches to this mail and would love
to hear if it works for you and others. There is a Makefile in the archive,
which will - after adjusting some variables in it - do the complete patch.

Best Regards,

Fork-1.0b1.tgz (2.35 KB)