Setting AdminCC field

RT: 3.8.8
RTFM: 2.4.2
RTIR: 2.6.0

I’ve installed the above three pieces of software, and made very minimal changes (updating the site name, adding a user, modifying root) but other than that much of it is default. I was trying to complete the RTIR configuration, and the README segment for RT-IR 2.6.0 states:

  1. Using RT’s configuration interface, add the email address
    of the Network Operations Team (the people who will handle
    activating and removing Blocks) as AdminCC on the Blocks queue.
    RT -> Queues -> Blocks -> Watchers

When I get into RT -> Configuration -> Queues -> Blocks -> Watchers, I see no option to set AdminCC. I tried adding a NOC user, but I do not want them logging into the system (preferably), and that was successful but I cannot add that user apparently. I went back to the disabled user, enabled them, set a password, and went back and was able to add them to the AdminCC. Is this normal behavior? Can’t this just be a system variable?

Aside from the strangeness of our abuse desk being separate from the network admins who operate NOC@ for our domain… yes I know this is strange, the recepients of noc@ (network) will not need to be in this system. I suppose I could just not tell them the password.

  • Brian Menges
    Sr. Support Systems Administrator
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