SetOutgoingMailFrom for Comment Addresses

Hi All,

I am having some problems with the $SetOutgoingMailFrom option. I am currently using RT 4.4.2 though as far as I can tell, this hasn’t changed in subsequent versions.

I need sendmail to change the envelope header for outgoing email so that it matches the From address in all cases. We have a number of queues and they each have their own email addresses for correspondence and comments.

I have set up postfix to do “Sender-Dependent SASL Authentication” with Office365. This means when an email is sent from it authenticates as the queue1 user and if email is sent from, it authenticates as

This works fine with $SetOutgoingMailFrom but breaks when an email is sent because of a comment. Comments are sent from which is a separate Office365 user. This allows us to reply to comments via email and have RT automatically file that as a comment rather than correspondence. The CommentAddress is set accordingly for every queue.

Comments still receive the -f option to sendmail, NOT -f Is there a way to override this? Office365 does not allow queue1 to send mail “from” queue1comment. We are not “in charge” of our corporate email so I am trying to fix this on the front-end.

From what I can tell, in /opt/rt4/lib/RT/Inteface/, this is the function that returns the required From address:

sub _OutgoingMailFrom {
    my $TicketObj = shift;

    my $MailFrom = RT->Config->Get('SetOutgoingMailFrom');
    my $OutgoingMailAddress = $MailFrom =~ /\@/ ? $MailFrom : undef;
    my $Overrides = RT->Config->Get('OverrideOutgoingMailFrom') || {};

    if ($TicketObj) {
        my $Queue = $TicketObj->QueueObj;
        my $QueueAddressOverride = $Overrides->{$Queue->id}
            || $Overrides->{$Queue->Name};

        if ($QueueAddressOverride) {
            $OutgoingMailAddress = $QueueAddressOverride;
        } else {
            $OutgoingMailAddress ||= $Queue->CorrespondAddress
                || RT->Config->Get('CorrespondAddress');
    elsif ($Overrides->{'Default'}) {
        $OutgoingMailAddress = $Overrides->{'Default'};

    return $OutgoingMailAddress;

So, it looks like it always returns $Queue->CorrespondAddress and never $Queue->CommentAddress.

Long story short - am I missing something or is this feature simply not implemented? Is there a clever workaround I am missing? From what I can tell simply modifying the function above is likely not enough since it’s called in such a way that there is no distinction made between Correspondence and Comments.

Our Comment emails are caused by a scrip. Is there some way I can modify this scrip to Set the $OutgoingMailAddress variable?

Thanks for your help,