Sessions table growing up

Hi all,

We have installed an instance of RT 3.4.4 on a Centos 4.1 box using Fast
CGI on a MySQL 4.1.12 server.

I have only 2 or 3 users using RT on that box, very light load.

The sessions table is growing fast, after -more less- 3 weeks there is now
590,000 records, for almost 1 gig of space.

It is currently growing at a rate of 950 records per hours.

I have found the script to delete session records that are older than a
day and will run it everyday with cron, but I was wondering what might
cause all these sessions, is there a way to know?


Francois Meehan

Do you have any scripts that auto-login to your system ??

Francois Meehan wrote: