SERVER_NAME question


apache2,mod_perl2, rt-3.6.4

When apache starts , it loads the RT_Config via webmux , at this point
is there a way to determine the server name?
It seems the %ENV is only populated with RT specifics defined in

This is what I need to do:
Have 2 different URL’s on the same server pointing to the same RT database
2 rt_name
2 web path, 2 logos etc etc

I have 2 apache instances running one for each URL, I can get what I
want working if I have 2 copies of /opt/rt3, modify RT_SiteConfig for each.
however I would like to use just one tree and 2 different SiteConfig
files, my idea on apache reload determine the server name and load the
appropriate SiteConfig file.
This is possibly asking the impossible , but I have seen RT doing the
impossible before …

Many thanks;

BTW: I would n’t like switch to fastcgi.