Server error ("Invalid argument") using CLI tool

Hello all!

I’m running into a strange issue using the RT CLI tool on OSX 10.5.8 and
have exhausted my (limited) Perl troubleshooting capabilities.

Running the following (or any other query):

$ RTUSER=“username” RTPASSWD=“password” RTSERVER=“” ./rt ls “status=‘open’”

…results in:

“rt: Server error: Can’t connect to (Invalid
argument) (500)”

I’ve tried running it against two RT instances on different boxes, both of
which are behind SSL, one with self-signed certs, one signed by GoDaddy.

Putting in a bogus plain HTTP URL causes the client to actually fetch data,
whereas attempting to access HTTPS URLs generates no network traffic or hits
on the server side.

I gather from some research that this error is actually generated by
LWP::UserAgent. Strangely, the same version of the CLI app is working fine
on another Mac I have at home (also OSX 10.5.8). Crypt::SSLeay has been
installed from CPAN on both machines, and OpenSSL has been installed from
MacPorts. As far as I can tell, both machines have the same up-to-date Perl
modules installed (including all the ones required in the CLI tool). Debug
output from the CLI tool (e.g. from RTDEBUG=“3”) has shed no further light.

I’d be immensely grateful for any further troubleshooting ideas.

Thanks folks!