Sending and Receving Email thru Sendmail not working

I’m new to Linux world. I’m trying to setup RT 4.4.2 on Ubuntu 16.04 for demonstration on standalone PC for a university (but it would use their Proxy for network connectivity) to show the University folks about the advantages of using ticketing system for their IT services.

At the moment I just want to setup RT which would be able to receive mail from within domain and send mail within domain and Gmail using Sendmail. I tried to configure it, but it is not working. I would request to let me know specific lines to be added or deleted (as I’m new to Ubuntu).

Ubuntu, Sendmail and RT sits on the same PC. Host name is ‘user-desktop’

To clarify: ignoring RT for a moment, is your sendmail on the server set up to talk to other hosts in the domain/Gmail?

If not, you need to focus on that first, and that’s not something we can really help all that much with on this forum as it will depend greatly on how the overall mail and network system is configured at your site. If you need it set up, your best bet is to talk to your university’s mail system administrators as they’ll be able to advise exactly what you need to do (hopefully - I’d probably walk away if they can’t!).

Once your sendmail setup is working to send/receive emails on your server, you can then look at configuring the mail handling for RT using the information here.

Hi GreenJimll,

Thanks for your reply!
I’ve requested university mail administrators to look into it.