Sending a templated correspondence to a corresponded for tickets not updated by the correspondent for X hours


I thought this would be kinda easy but it’s proving to be quite difficult.

My problem is 2 parts:

*1) *
I’ve tried writing a custom condition for rt-crontool to find tickets that

  • last updated by the owner
  • not updated in X hours (like 24 hours)

Since rt-crontool doesn’t know who CurrentOwner is it makes it hard to
use a query like I would in the RT Interface. Presumably there might be
some way to see if the last update was a privileged RT user but was done
more than X hours ago.

Queue = 'Investigations’
AND Status = 'open’
AND LastUpdatedBy = 'CurrentUser
AND Owner = 'CurrentUser
AND LastUpdated < ‘24 hours ago’

Basically I want to nag customers to update the ticket if they haven’t
updated it after 24 hours and then 36 hours. If they still haven’t updated
it after 48 hours I want do something like set the priority to 100 or
something so I can see what tickets are not being updated so their accounts
can be suspended or something in accordance with our policies.

*2) *
I also need help understanding the usage for the SendEmail action. I read
an rt-users mailinglist post from a while ago about it but there’s a mix of
other stuff about RecordComment in there etc which doesn’t really apply
here. I’ve also been reading but I’m
unclear on what the Blue bolded sections are - are those methods? How does
one use this in another Action script? Examples would be awesome if any

Landon Stewart