Send emails with search results

Good day.

I have a search query like

(Status == “new” or Status=“open”) and Owner=“CurrentUser” (with underlines)

I want to send email to the user every morning with the result of this request. I thought the dashboard would help me, but I was wrong.
are there any options to do this? or maybe there is already a plugin that allows you to do this?

Did the subscriptions option for dashboards not work for this?

There is also the rt-crontool:

not like I wanted to. a user who subscribes to the dashboard will receive a search result for the user who created this dashboard.
rt-crontool - yes, but… I like Dashboard mails with table, css etc… :slight_smile: can it be combined?

Do you want the search relative to only the user who created the dashboard, not the current user? (I am going to test real quick)

i’m sorry, english is not my native language - maybe I explain something not correct. I will try again:
I have a search ( (Status == “new” or Status=“open”) and Owner=“ CurrentUser ” (with underlines)) and I create Dashboard with this search. I subscribe to receive the email of this dashboard and get what I want - data about my tickets. but when another user subscribes to my dashboard, he receives not his data on request, but mine.

Ah okay that makes sense. As I understand it the search and rights check are limited to the creator of the dashboard. So you would need every user to have their own personal version of that dashboard and then have them subscribe in order to have the search reflect the CurrentUser.

I am not if it would be easy to generate a email template from the dashboard content for the rt-crontool to use :confused:

this is exactly what I wanted to get around - so that you can sign up users to receive the necessary information without their participation in the subscription process.

It looks like there is a branch for this!

thanks - looks like what I need. I will try to test

Yes that’s it. thanks.