SelfServiceShowGroupTickets activation

We’ve (finally) upgraded to RT5 and there are so many Systems Configurations that we want to try out. One of which is the $SelfServiceShowGroupTickets so our customers can see all the tickets created by or for their group. However after enabling the config and saving it there’s no discernible change to the Self Service interface.

(RT Config - RT 5.0.1 Documentation - Best Practical) “$SelfServiceShowGroupTickets - Set this option to true to show a section with group tickets on self service pages.” Is there something else that needs to be done to make that section appear? My Testing Group and two test users have four active tickets, on all of which I’ve CC’ed their group, but the page looks the same, no new section.

Found this topic while searching the same question.

See SeeSelfServiceGroupTicket guide - #3 by rubberduck