SelfService Ticket Submit Errors after 3.0.9?

In 3.0.8, I had this custom version of SelfService/Display.html (I renamed it to ConfirmNewTicket.html just for now) running which took CustomFields and put them in the ticket. Everything worked great until we just upgraded to 3.0.9 and perl 5.8.3 (both at the same time).

Now we cannot submit tickets via SelfService. The apache log has this error:
[Tue Mar 2 09:25:37 2004] [error] Malformed multipart POST

[Tue Mar 2 09:25:38 2004] [notice] child pid 10734 exit signal Segmentation fault (11)

The code in this file comes from other users on this list. I was hoping some one could tell me what may have changed in 3.0.9 that would cause this? Or maybe there is a better suggestion for getting custom fields submitted via SelfService? Sorry, I’m not a big perl pro, so my code may be off somewhere … I searched on the archives but couldn’t find anything similar …

Also attaching the Create.html file if that helps.

Thanks for any help!




ConfirmNewTicket.html (4.38 KB)

Create.html (2.25 KB)