SelfService Reply-Comment at Ticket Level

Hi Everyone,

A bit of a puzzler here. We're trying to figure out given the permissions defined below, why the user cannot reply or comment at the ticket level? They can reply and comment at the history level but not at the ticket level. This is from the SelfService view.

Queue Permissions:

System Groups
Privileged - N/A
Unprivileged - Comment, Create, Reply, SeeQueue, Show Ticket
Everyone - Comment, Create, Reply

Cc - Comment, Reply, Show Ticket
Owner - N/A
AdminCc - AssignCustomFields, Comment, OwnTicket, Reply, SeeQueue, ShowTicket, ShowTicketComments, WatchAsAdminCc
Requestor - AssignCustomFields, Comment, ModifyTicket, Reply, ShowTicket, Watch

The user in question is in another group but that group has no rights assigned. Suggestions appreciated.

Michael EraƱa, CISSP
Chief Technology Officer