Selfservice/approval page giving internal RT error after upgrade

Hi Team,
I have upgraded RT 4.0.5 to 4.2.15. But now when the manager is trying to go to the selfservice/approval link, it is showing internal error.(The managers are unprivileged users of RT). If we make them privileged user they can able to access it.(but we don’t want them to be a privileged user) But before upgrade the feature was working fine . Now when I am checking the log file it is showing the below error. _

Can’t locate object method “IsInactive” via package “approvals” (perhaps you forgot to load “approvals”?) at /ds1/app/RT/RT4/share/html/SelfService/Approvals/Elements/Approve line 109._

Please find the error screenshotCapture of UI page.

I think you’ll need to your managers to be privileged users, as your managers will need permission to see the hidden __Approvals queue where the approval tickets live. Don’t forget that in RT “privileged” really just means “can be assigned to groups and rights” - just because someone is “privileged” it doesn’t mean that they have to be able to see all your queues, etc. Just create a “Managers” group, put them in that group and then give the rights required to that group.

But managers are not privilleged user before the upgrade and also able to access it before upgrade.

But it looks like you’ve modified your old version, but without using the local directory. I don’t think there should be a share/html/SelfService/Approvals hierarchy in 4.0.x (there certainly isn’t in latest 4.4.4, and I couldn’t see it in 4.0. or 4.2 branches in Best Practical’s git repository). Approvals normally live in share/html/Approvals (note the lack of SelfService in that path).

Anyway, making managers privileged and giving them approval rights is the way to go.

I checked that 4.0 and 4.2 code is same. Could you please guide me how to set __Approval queue for the same. I can see this is a disabled and hidden queue. Do we need to make it enable and the users needs to be given access to the __Approval queue. If this is the process then please guide me how can I do it.

The instructions for setting up approvals in 4.2.15 are here. That should guide you through setting up the approvals process in RT, including setting the rights you need on the hidden ___Approvals queue.