Self Service interface destroys CF groups, any fix?

After creating a number of CFs per queue, and grouping them logically where they display in nice neat and clear colored boxes by category, etc - they all show up in a jumbled unordered mess on the Self Service page.

Self service users are why I grouped the CFs in the first place… wanting to streamline ticket creation and increase the chances of getting all good data the first time. It’s nice that I can see my own pretty colored boxes, but it’s not the goal I was going for :slight_smile:

I can’t find anything, here or Googled, about preserving the CF Groups that I specify in SiteConfig for the Self Service page. Surely someone’s organized the ticket creation page better than the default when there’s more than 2 or 3 custom fields that need entry…?

I believe setting Set(%CustomFieldGroupings, ...); shouldn’t change when on the selfservice page, have you done any customization around this feature?

Sorry, I should have been explicit: yes, this is exactly what I mean. I’ve set that up, and it works in Staff / full view, but not in Self Service.

Frex, I have this:

    'RT::Asset' => [
        'People and Places' => ['Primary User', 'Location'],
        'Dates'         => ['Assigned On', 'Expires', 'Warranty End'],
        'Vendor Info'   => ['Vendor', 'Service Tag or SN'],
        'Network Info'  => ['Network Jack', 'IP Address', 'MAC Address'],
'RT::Ticket' => [
        'Required Information' => ['Machine Name', 'Location', 'OS', 'Category', 'Hardware Type'],
        'New User or Project'  => ['PI'],
        'Account Creation'     => ['New User\'s Login', 'Notification Address'],
        'Project Creation'     => ['Username', 'Project Name', 'Data Management', 'PI Approval', 'Initial home Quota', 'Initial comp_space Quota'],


but here is how it comes out in SelfServe:

Edit: I am using 4.4.4b2 and it occurs to me I don’t think I checked the SelfService interface until I’d upgraded to the beta.

Any insights into this?

After taking a look at the self service page’s code, it looks like custom field groupings are not handled on the SelfService/Create.html page.

Was this by design, is there some reason they shouldn’t be? It renders all the organization provided by the groups as moot.