Selective Spam filtering internal to RT?

Hi folks,

I was just looking through the code to rt-mailgate to try and find where the
’permission denied’ message comes from for non-requestor replies (I want to
make it a bit more explanatory), and I found a note in the POD about

I’d like to try and use this functionality, but only for some queues (not
for our abuse queue). Initially I was going to make a local copy of
RT::Interface::Email that had the additional Filter::SpamAssassin entry in
that array, and a copy of REST/1.0/NoAuth/mail-gateway to use that module
instead of the vanilla one, but if @RT::MailPlugins is a global variable and
I’m running under mod_perl, aren’t I changing that variable for all-time

Does anyone use this code? I guess they must, since it’s in there…

Best Regards,