Select CustomRole value


I am trying to make a specific scenario to work.
I added CustomRole Client and made scrips that would Notify those ppl by mail (I just pass mail address in the Client field). The thing is Clients recieve those mails as Cc’s and not in a form of To. I want it to be in a way that they recieve mails as main receivers. I know I can send mails by Forward option, and there is a field To, but those messages does not go into Disaply ticket tab.

I could achieve my goal by adding a line like: To: {$Ticket->CustomRole->Client} into a specific respond template. I did so with From: {$Ticket->QueueObj->Name}, so you get mail from a QueueName instead of UserName via RT.
I don’t know how to select a value of Client that was passed during ticket creation.

Does anyone know how to select CustomRoles values?

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