Segmentation fault - clearing cookie fixes it

I just upgraded my RT to 3.8.1 (was 3.7.1) and it was working along
fine. I noticed the graph views, and thought that sounded
interesting, so I clicked on that, and suddenly my screen went blank.
Looking at the logs I see a segmentation fault. I dug around for
quite a while trying to solve this to no avail. I installed some perl
packages that were being complained about in the logs, but still,
nothing. I went and restored my database from before the upgrade, and
it started working again. I did the same chart and it broke again. I
then tried it from a different browser and it was working over there -
so I got rid of the session cookie and it started working on the other
browser. I have no idea what is getting set in the cookie that would
be causing the segmentation fault - any ideas?
Jon Baker

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Did you upgrade DBD::mysql if MySQL is the backend?

4.006 is the newest version that I got to work

Jon Baker wrote: