SeeSelfServiceGroupTicket guide

Hi, I’m looking into making SelfService available to a limited set of users.

there’s a page OnCreateSetDeptHeadCc - Request Tracker Wiki … but… a bit of digging looks like this is now “Core” in RT5… for example:

contains MyGroupRequests:

unless ( RT->Config->Get('SelfServiceShowGroupTickets')
         and $session{'CurrentUser'}->HasRight(Right => 'SeeSelfServiceGroupTicket', Object => $RT::System) ){

and in Admin, I can set:
Global-> (Group)->SeeSelfServiceGroupTicket


and my test user is in the group that can access the queue that I’ve setup for testing.

and I’ve also updated

SelfServiceShowGroupTickets 1

and webgui confirms that variable is set.

My Self Service portal Now has a heading: “My group’s tickets”

but: there are no tickets in there. The group that I’m part of has permission to create/reply/watch/seequeue/showticket etc… is there something else that I need here?

Thank you,


Hi, no clue bats? The doco listed above doesn’t appear correct for v5, and I can’t find anything that discusses how to get this working as expected. i.e. “if a user in the desired group logs in, they can see the groups tickets”.

I’ve tried adding members to the group that are requestors on open tickets - that hasn’t helped either.