Searching merged tickets display

A user e-mailed in five tickets, all on the same topic. I merged them,
sequentially, in to one ticket. When doing a search for the requestor, all
six merged tickets have their status as ‘resolved’, while the final ticket
is marked ‘stalled’.



Tickets 2434-2437, inclusive, have their status as ‘resolved’. Ticket 2438
is marked as ‘stalled’, properly.

As well, I changed the queue from ‘Abuse’ to ‘Support’ once everything was
merged. So ticket 2438 is marked properly as being in the queue ‘Support’,
but all the other tickets are still in ‘Abuse’.

My uneducated guess is that certain parts of the Search display code aren’t
following the effectiveid completely and continue to read the properties of
the ticket from that ticket. But that’s completely uneducated, and without
looking at any code.

If I actually open the ticket, everything is displayed properly.

And the vitals:

DB: PostgreSQL 7.1.3
RT: 2.0.8