Searching for merged tickets

Hi, is there a way of searching for tickets that contain merged tickets? for example:

#1 - standalone ticket, no merge actions
#2 - merged into #3
#3 - contains #2

I’m trying to find a way of searching and only returning #3 (but not #1 or #2)

I can see that there’s an attribute Tickets.MergedInto but if I add this to a custom query I get:
Unknown field: MergeInto
Similarly Ticket.MergeInto and Tickets.MergeInto also fail

I can write a SQL query to get the results but was really hoping to use the RT Search for this.


Is there a merge type transaction? Maybe you can search via the transaction query builder

My guess is that yes there is, because that’s how most changes in the system are handled, but it’s not available via the builder. You don’t need to look at transactions in sql to identify (there is a field Tickets.IsMerged). But… Even if it is a transaction in guessing not much use if the builder doesn’t support it?

And you are saying you want to search by the old ID ie #2 in your example?

No, I am looking for :

Vs tickets that contain no merged tickets or all tickets.

I don’t need original id. Effective id is fine.