Searching by ticket transaction custom fields

Oh, great, and all-knowing RT Users community:

I have a custom field that applies to ticket transactions. I’d like to
search for any/all tickets that have a value set for this field, in any
of their transactions. I seem to be overlooking something, since I
can’t seem to find how to search based on transaction custom fields, and
my Googling thus far, has turned up nothing. Is this possible? Am I

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Dear Jacob,

i am working on the same problem for the best of the past few days.

It appears to be impossible. The has the
definition for CustomFieldValues but ->Content never returns anything or
fails. To me it seems as if transaction level content fields can not be
used anywhere.

I am now trying to get the values directly from the database and to
build this into a customisation of scrips and/or template.

I don’t know if this is the right way to do this but if I get this cruel
hack to work, I will share this with you.



Jacob Helwig schrieb:

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