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Hi there.

I’m new in the community, and in advance, thank you very much.

I would like to know how can i search tickets created in RT by email, but only the ones that are created with the field marked on the image.
Is this possible?
Captura de ecrã 2020-03-23, às 15.55.35

You can search for tickets where the creator is that user, it won’t tell you if they created the ticket via the web UI vs email though. You would need a column map to differentiate between that I believe

I understand the original question like “I need to search for all tickets from particular user sent to specific email address which is the alias for some queue so I can not use simply the queue name”. This can be done with a combination of your suggestion with the Content search like this:

Creator = '' AND Content LIKE 'To:'

Are you after the tickets themselves, or just the raw figures? If the latter, you may find it easier to look through you mail logs


Hi there.

Thank you for the reply.
I’ve tried your suggestion but it gives me no results.
If i search: Creator = ‘’ AND Content LIKE ‘To:’ , no results
If i search: Creator = ‘’ i get all the tickets created - ok
if i search: Content LIKE ‘To:’ , no results as well

I’m after the tickets.

I dont think the mail headers are part of Content. I think thats just the mail body

I tried it before posted it :slight_smile: But I forgot to mention that for Content search should be fulltext search turned on. Maybe that could be the problem? Fulltext search also have caveats on certain databases. And another level of the problem can be merged users, they are without some recent patches almost not searchable at all.

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ah ok, that would explain it :slight_smile: