Search results for TimeTaken for time sheets

Is it possible to get search results with a sum of the TimeTaken values
from the Transactions table?

Our internal developers need to fill out time sheets each week. At the
moment this is labour intensive so I have been trying to work out a way
to pull the time out of the tickets for the previous week.

I thought I had it with the following:

Search Query:

Owner = ‘CurrentUser’ AND Updated > ‘1 week ago’ AND TimeWorked > 1

Results format:








This returns all tickets that have been worked on the last week, but
shows the total time ever worked on the ticket, which isn’t any good.

I see the transactions table contains a TimeTaken value. The ideal
solution would be to add up all the TimeTaken values from the last 7
days and display them in the search results.

I thought maybe I could have modified the code, but the date part of
that didn’t, and I have been unable to get it to work. It just returns
all results from every queue.

Any pointers? After spending the last week working on RT and reading the
wiki and mailing lists I am stuck.