Search->Display Oddity

I’m not sure if this a common issue, from RT sites I have tried it seems
to have similar symptoms. Basically this is what happens, when you do a
search regardless of what criteria the Ticket/Display.html page attempts
do to a limitless query based on the same criteria, effectively loading
potentially thousands of rows into the web daemon’s memory. This isn’t
very noticeable unless you have several thousand tickets, but the
query.log does show the query being ran. On our system this really
grinds when searching for resolved tickets that has over 200k records.
The search itself is fine but the ticket display gets the whole search
result in 1 shot for no apparent reason, is this suppose to be a
count()? The query looks like the following, only the where clauses will
change based on your search.

SELECT main.* FROM Tickets main WHERE (main.Status != ‘deleted’) AND
(main.Status = ‘resolved’) AND (main.EffectiveId = AND
(main.Type = ‘ticket’) ORDER BY ASC

This is probably the worst case scenario for us, over 200k+ results but
the pattern remains the same, unlimited results loaded into Display.html