Search bug

If I merge two tickets, the ticket that I can no longer search data in the
ticket I merged (FROM, not into). RT 3.0.4, RH 7.3 … and in case it
matters, perl-DBIx-SearchBuilder-0.88-1. MySQL 4.0.13, apache 1.3.28,
mod_perl 1.28.

Create two tickets, one with content ‘testcandidate1’ and another ticket
with content ‘testcandidate2’ … You can search for either
’testcandidate1’ or ‘testcandidate2’ just fine. If you merge the ticket
containing ‘testcandidate2’ into the ticket continaining ‘testcandidate1’,
you can no longer search for 'testcandidate2’
I have made a few mods to my RT3 instance so I could have broken something
of course. If someone could verify this against a clean installation,
that would be great (I’m working on getting a devel box up for testing but
I don’t have it yet).

-=| Ben