Scrips debugging (onOwnerChange, onCorrespond)

I have a queue to which I’ve added two scrips:

On Owner Change Notify AdminCcs as Comment with template Transaction

On Resolve Notify AdminCcs as Comment with template Resolved

The second works fine and I see the log entries in syslog as I expect to.
The first does not work and I don’t see any log entries so I don’t know how
to debug it. Any suggestions? I’d promised that Scrip to my staff so
that they would know when a new ticket has been taken, and I don’t want to
roll RT into production until that works.

I’ve noticed that not all scrips leave an trail in the logs. The global “On
Correspond Open Ticket with Template Blank” scrip appears to work although
there’s no log entry for it. Is there a patch or configuration setting that
would consistently log scrip actions?


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