Scrips and approvals

Hi All,

I’ve spent some time trying to get my head around the way that approvals
work, and I’m
getting to be reasonably happy with it. I’m now struggling to achieve
exactly what I’m
trying to do with Custom Fields in order to generate approvals.

I’ve got the scrip sorted so that it calls the template when the cf is

I have a select multiple values ticket custom field called “Request
What I want to do is to create approvals to different queues for each of
the cf values.

The ManualApprovals seems to say that I can’t spread code across
===Create-ticket boundaries.

I could do it by testing for each approval destination each time an
approval request is
made, but that would be clunky and require putting the queue names into
two different
places rather than just having them as ticket cf values.

So, my question is: Has anyone done this, and if so how?

If it were possible to spread code across boundaries, I could see how to
do this.
But I guess there must be a reason why that’s the case.

I’m starting to loose hair now!

We’re using RT 3.4.1 with Postgres 7.4.8.

Thanks for any help.

Regards, Ian.

Ian Norton
Systems & Mail Support
University of Lancaster