Scrip question : reply to resolved ticket must open a new ticket


I use RT 3.0.9 and I trying to make a scrip to automatically catch reply to
resolved ticket and create a new ticket with content from the reply catched.

I haven’t already write all the parts of the scrips, but I would like to get the
list advices on the best way to achieve this.

The scrip condition I want to use will look like this one :

Custom condition scrip :

my $ticket = $self->TicketObj;
my $transaction = $self->TransactionObj;

$RT::Logger->debug(">>> Entering CustomCondition test : STATUS=" .
$ticket->Status. “, TYPE=” . $transaction->Type ."<<<");

if ($transaction->IsInbound() && $transaction->Status eq ‘resolved’){

&& $transaction->Type eq ‘Correspond’ ) {

&& $ticket->Status eq ‘resolved’

$RT::Logger->debug(">> The requestor correspond on his ticket.");
$RT::Logger->debug(">> But, we need to disable global Scrip On Correspond

Open to add constraint on the status.");
} else {

The people who reply to the ticket must be the requestor (e.g customer), and the

status must be resolved. As far as I know I must disable On Correspond Open
ticket scrip to get it working. Do you know know another better way to detect
reply on resolved ticket ?

For the action scrip, I haven’t allready put all that must be done, but
I create a new one ticket related to the old, create a subject related
to the old one, and add the correct requestor(s) to the ticket. I also
have a custom field for the customer that I must copy.
Now I must found a way to attach the mail received (the one in reply to resolved
ticket) to the new ticket and ideally don’t let RT to add it on the old
ticket. I believe that I must deal with the transaction object and their
attachements but I’m not sure and don’t know what are the revelant info that
must be copied ? Is there any method that allow to duplicate or ideally move
a correspondence fron one queue to another (didn’t managed to found it in the
docs) ?

Anyway, here’s follow what I have allready write in my scrip action :

Custom Action scrip:

my $ticket = $self->TicketObj;

$RT::Logger->debug(">>> Entering Custom Action <<<");
$RT::Logger->debug(">> Ticket : id=". $ticket->EffectiveId );

new ticket (cross link is automatic)

my $child_ticket = RT::Ticket->new($RT::SystemUser);
my ($child_id, $child_TransObj, $errorMsg) = $child_ticket->Create(Queue =>
Subject => ‘suite du ticket #’. $ticket->Id .
’ : ’ . $ticket->Subject,
RefersTo => $ticket->Id);

unless ($child_id) {
$RT::Logger->debug(">>Error : ". $errorMsg);
return undef

add requestors address

my $requestor = $ticket->RequestorAddresses;
$RT::Logger->debug(">> requestors addresses found : " . $requestor);

my @mails = split /,\s*/, $requestor; # transform mail list comma separated into
foreach my $email ( @mails) {
my ($ret, $errorMsg ) = $child_ticket->AddWatcher(Type => ‘Requestor’,
Email => $email);
if (!$ret) {
$RT::Logger->debug(">>Error : ". $errorMsg);

find client customFielObj

my $customField = new RT::CustomField($RT::SystemUser);
my ($customFieldId, $errorMsg) = $customField->LoadByNameAndQueue( Name =>
Queue => $ticket->Queue);
unless ($customFieldId) { # check the global CF if the local doesn’t exist
($customFieldId,$errorMsg) = $customField->LoadByNameAndQueue ( Name =>
Queue => 0);

add custom fields for the client

$cf_client = $ticket->FirstCustomFieldValue(‘client’);

another way by id … as the named way didn’t work for me

my $cf_client = ‘none’; # by default client is none
if ($customFieldId) {
$cf_client = $ticket->FirstCustomFieldValue($customFieldId);
$RT::Logger->debug(">> CustomField found : " . $cf_client);

($ret, $errorMsg) = $child_ticket->AddCustomFieldValue( Field =>

Value => $cf_client); # 1=ok
unless ($ret) {
$RT::Logger->debug(">>Error : ". $errorMsg);

close the old ticket


return 1;

Don’t hesitate to comment my scrips as I’m not very familiar with RT, it would
help me to better understand it.

I hope that my problem description is clear, if it is not ask me and I will give
you more details. Any help will be very appreciated …

Thanks for your help.


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