Scrip parameter

Hi folks,

I want to pass parameters to a custom scrip action. I already have one
solution but if you have one better I will use it.

My problem is the following, I have modified the form displayed on
resolve (Ticket/Update.html) to add some tweaks we use here for billing
for example. I used a custom callback element (Ticket/Elements/Invoice)
which brings to the user the needed select list etc…

the idea is that when the resolve transaction is fired, my scrip action
need to retrieve the infos the user had input in the callback form.

At present, the only thing I found to doing this is to use a custom
field, filled on form validation and to retrieve the custom field data
from the scrip action. I’m asking if the submitted values can’t be
directly accessed from the scrip which will save me to use a custom

Anybody have ideas ?