Scott McDermott <>,

If you could find that, it would be really helpful. Judging from the
traffic on the list, it looks like I may not be the only one with the
problem. As RT usage spreads within a company and different departments
all use it, this kind of separation becomes necessary.
By removing the Rows => $rows (set to 10 in in
MyRequests, it shows all of the tickets a person is allowed to see,
which can be kind of daunting to look and see 20 or 30 tickets that need
to be addressed. Just seeing 10 makes it all seem just a bit more
manageable. One of the departments that wants in on RT has a script that
will generate 50 to 100 tickets at a time for them to handle for the
rest of the day. Opening your at-a-glance page to that would be enough
to make you want to take the day off. :wink:
I’m interested in seeing what you came up with, or even if you can’t
find it, if you might be able to remember some bits about how you went
about solving the issue.
Looking forward to your post.

—Drew Barnes wrote ->—
I had, at one point, written something which would make a “10 Newest
Unowned” for each queue that a person had rights to see. If I am able
to dig it up, I will post it to the list.


Scott Frisbie wrote:

So far, no responses. Unfortunately, this is kind of a showstopper for
adding different departments into our RT install. It looks to me like
the whole thing hinges on /opt/rt3/share/html/Elements/MyRequests.
The query in there:

my $Query = “Owner = ‘Nobody’ AND ( Status = ‘new’ OR Status =

needs to have some sort of conditional added into it along the lines

AND( somethingGoesInHere ->CurrentUserHasRight(‘SeeQueue’))

Otherwise it just grabs the first 10 results and
/opt/rt3/share/html/Ticket/Display.html decides if you will get to see
any of the tickets.

There may be some way to get the conditional part in there by using a
nested query, but I am not enough of a MySQL whiz to get that to work
far. I don’t see anything in MyRequests to check the current user,
although it may be part of a larger include, but that would seem to be
crucial to getting the conditional to work.

The other option seems to be to write a new version of MyRequests and
then get it to integrate with the rest of RT.

Scott Frisbie (Friz) 8^)
icq - 245113995