and the ShowSavedSearches right

Hello all,

I may be misinterpreting the documentation, but it appears to be that RT
is not behaving as documented with respect to the ShowSavedSearches
group right.

According to the RT wiki, “A user who has the ShowSavedSearches right to
a group is able to see/load the saved searches of that group. The user
must also have the global LoadSavedSearch right.”

However, in practice, it seems that the function
RT::SavedSearches::_PrivacyObjects which “returns a list of objects that
can be used to load saved searches from” does not select the group
objects based on the user having the ShowSavedSearches group right, but
rather selects them based on whether the user is a member of the group.

I’ve verified that the relevant code in
RT::SavedSearches::_PrivacyObjects is identical in the subversion
3.6-RELEASE and 3.7-EXPERIMENTAL branches, so this doesn’t appear to
have been yet identified as a bug.

The attached patch reflects the behavior I would expect to see based on
the documentation. Does this look correct?


William Horka
UNIX Systems Administrator
Harvard-MIT Data Center (895 Bytes)