Running RT without outbound emails?

I know this sounds like a crazy request, but for now I need to run RT
without any emails being sent out. What’s the best way to do
this? Change scrips? I’m new to RT and have just now got it running
on RedHat9 with Postgresql.

I need a private ticketing system for use among a group of 4 unix sysadmins
that (for now) is web-access only. We want to use RT because we
want to have total control, flexibility, etc. and don’t want to use the
big, bloated,
icky, rigid ticketing system that would be forced upon us (turf wars,
politics, etc.)
if it was discovered that we wanted to now use a ticketing system in our group.

BTW, RT sure looks great!



You can turn off all the scrips that send email. Or maybe leave
those scrips that send email to the sysadmins, if you don’t
want to check the web page as often. RT is quite flexible this way.