RTx::Tags 0.2 Re: Trouble adding RTx-Tags-0.14 to RT 3.8.1

I used Adam Tingle’s workaround

I’ve added this URL to the pod of RTx::Tags 0.20, and also
changed the cloud to link to Tags (the recommended field name)
by default, so that it works with Postgres out of the box. It was
originally .tags to make it clear for users (of certain DBs) that
they need not type the awkward/unnecessary caps when simple

Also new in .20, and much more exciting, is autocompletion!
Simply upgrade your module, and change your field to the
corresponding autocomplete if you want access to this feature.
Please note that the module only autocompletes once three
characters have been entered. I waffled about making this a
custom option, but jumped the gun and released without it :wink:
If it’s enough of an issue for people, I can make it an option.


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