RTx-Shredder 'ERROR: Can't locate object method "caught" via package "RTx::Shredder::Exception::Info"'

hi all

i’m using RTx-Shredder-0.06 to remove deleted tickets. it has blocked at a
particular ticket and throws the following:

ERROR: Can’t locate object method “caught” via package
"RTx::Shredder::Exception::Info" at /opt/rt/3.4.5/local/lib/RTx/Shredder.pm
line 426.

there is no method caught in

any hints?


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I found the solution to this on my RT3.4. The object/ticket
RTx::Shredder was trying to purge, probably has more than 1000 rows in
the Transactions table. This limit is imposed to prevent loops; and
destructive actions by the Shredder.

You can verify/test this in SQL with the following query:
SELECT count(*)
FROM Transactions
WHERE ObjectId=<object_id_Shredder_hangs_on>

If your count is > 1000 you will need to edit your RT_SiteConfig.pm file.

Add the line:
Set($DependenciesLimit, 5000);

(Where 5000 is greater than the line count of the item(ticket) in the
Transactions table.)

Remember to comment-out or remove this line after your shredding!


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