RTx-Shredder-0.00_02 released

Hello, folks.

I’m happy to introduce RTx-Shredder distribution which allow clean up
your HUGE RT databases that was attacked by evil spammers.
if you want to delete something from your RT DB then it’s for you.

You can get it here:
Don’t use 0.00_01 version.

As you can see it’s not even beta, because it isn’t widely tested and
doesn’t support all features that it should.

Current version has small script rtx-shredder. It wipes out deleted
tickets which was updated before specified date. I think it’s most
useful/required wipe out action. More actions are planned.


  1. You should apply patch to RT. It’s small patch which allow search on
    deleted tickets.
  2. Install process should go under priveleged users.
  3. Approvals are unsupported. I still don’t use them so comments and
    patches are wellcome. More, I just don’t know should I delete any when
    clean some ticket.
  4. Until 0.02 I don’t plan to look into 3.2.x support.

!!!Ahtung!!! Don’t use on production until you tested it with RT
snapshot. I also didn’t try it on production only with its snapshot. I
expect some glitches there.

I hope long list of limitations can’t stop you to try on snapshot and
give me some feedback, code overview, patches.

		Best regards. Ruslan.