Rtir - possible bug

I’ve found what seems to be a bug in rtir (rtir 1.0.0, rt 3.0.5). Didn’t
find anything about it when searching the list archives.

When doing a ‘Reply to Reporters’ while looking at an incident in rtir
the only possible ‘Update Type’ given is ‘Comments (Not sent to
requestors)’. That doesn’t turn out quite right since a comment will
send to pretty much everyone except the reporters (unless I’m
overlooking something obvious).

The problem seems to be the check for ‘$i == 0’ on line 73 in
local/html/RTIR/Incident/BulkReply.html. $i will only be 0 if no incident
reports were chosen to reply to. This condition is already made
impossible by the check on line 53 in the same file.

Updating the check to ‘$i > 0’ or removing the $i part completely seems
to do the right thing.

Has anyone else encountered this?