RTIR 5.0.3 beta 1 Available for Testing

RTIR 5.0.3 beta1 is now available for testing. This release contains a few key improvements along with various bug fixes. You can view release notes on our documentation site:

RTIR 5.0.3 beta 1 release notes

One notable change is updating the RTIR home page to be a dashboard to align with a similar change made in RT 5.0.2. Also, an update in the RT 5.0.3 beta 1 release fixes an issue with broken links in RTIR. If you are testing this beta, you should test it with RT 5.0.3 beta 1.

Note that there was no public RTIR 5.0.2. We are working to keep the versions aligned to make it easier to know which versions go together.

We appreciate your help testing out these new releases. As with previous releases, you can report any issues in our public RT instance or post here for discussion.


SHA-256 sums

7376398341c61dfcb84c2fa294dbca1e9c55efe1f13a91015580d069efef527b  RT-IR-5.0.3beta1.tar.gz
cc168e800df95e4f6d34963b5f9f7445276592c9c21681566aa29553d1345567  RT-IR-5.0.3beta1.tar.gz.asc