RTIR 3.0.1rc2 available for testing

RTIR 3.0.1rc2 contains a number of bug fixes noticed while testing 3.0.1rc1.
Unless further regressions are reported, I expect this to ship as 3.0.1
next week.


SHA1 sums

704b8806ff2f6061f5a26cc03534d76b87fee188 RT-IR-3.0.1rc2.tar.gz
b57cf15601bd11d19d90d6653e6d56c6d2d1b6d1 RT-IR-3.0.1rc2.tar.gz.asc


  • Make using $ArticleOnTicketCreate work again (Carlos Fuentes)
  • Fix a bug with the Rich Text Editor in Scripted Actions.


  • Clarify instructions in the 3.0 upgrading docs.

A complete changelog is available from git by running:
git log 3.0.1rc1…3.0.1rc2
or visiting
Comparing 3.0.1rc1...3.0.1rc2 · bestpractical/rtir · GitHub