RTIR 3.0.0rc4 Available

RTIR 3.0.0rc4 fixes a packaging error in previous release candidates
affecting a few upgrade utilities and the test suite. It also further
improves our handling of search editing and menuing.


SHA1 sums

2d9567c8e10bc77aef91c274fd7ad3887fe4e818 RT-IR-3.0.0rc4.tar.gz
45e18590885ad782ada1eb3e749d8acfe387a17d RT-IR-3.0.0rc4.tar.gz.asc

Unless any blocking regressions are reported, I expect 3.0.0 to ship
next week.

A complete changelog is available from git by running:
git log 3.0.0rc3…3.0.0rc4
or visiting
Comparing 3.0.0rc3...3.0.0rc4 · bestpractical/rtir · GitHub